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Payday Loans Enters the UK

5 Dont’s When Applying For A Payday Loan

Posted on by Laura

Cash till payday loans have become a popular source of short term finance in the UK ever since they were first introduced in 2006.  The concept of payday loans is that they are a short term loan of between £50 and £1000 which can be borrowed for between 15 and 31 days.  The repayment of [...]

Are Payday Loans Cheaper Than Overdraft Fees?

Posted on by Laura

Approximately half a million people take out a payday loan each month in the UK therefore there is a huge demand for this type of financial solution.  One of the biggest selling points that guaranteed payday loans companies often cite is that they are cheaper than overdraft fees.  Therefore we have looked into this statement [...]

How Payday Loans Can Help With Your Mortgage

Posted on by Laura

Cash till payday loans have become a popular way to subsidise income following the rise in living costs and a squeeze in wages.  It is harder than ever to make one wage last until the next payday and more and more people are starting to worry about cost of living and how they will make [...]

Can You Apply for a Payday Loan If You Run Your Own Company?

Posted on by Laura

Payday loans are firmly established in the financial market as a short term source of finance.  Ever since they have arrived in the UK, their popularity has soured thanks to their accessibility.  The demand for these types of loans is so high because of the current fledgling economy as more and more households are struggling [...]

The History Of Payday Loans

Posted on by Laura

The exact origin of payday loans is a little sketchy.  Resources indicate that the concept of ‘loans’ started as far back as thousands of years ago when Rome was in power.  The only thing for certain is that payday lending stores began to appear on the US and UK high street in the early 1990’s [...]

How Do Payday Loans Affect Your Credit Rating?

Posted on by Laura

One of the major selling points of payday loans is that they do not conduct credit checks and even if they do they score credit ratings very leniently.  This means that they often attract people or businesses that have a poor history with debt and may have missed payments, incurred CCJs or even bankruptcies on [...]

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